Tamar Braxton Is Back With Her 'Brother' Snoop Dogg - Check Out Their Funny Photo Together

Tamar Braxton Is Back With Her 'Brother' Snoop Dogg - Check Out Their Funny Photo Together
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You probably recall that Tamar Braxton had a play together with Snoop Dogg in which they were performing - 'Redemption of a Dogg.'

Now, she's back with her brother, how she likes to call the rapper and they posed together. Check out their funny pic below.

'Back with my brother @snoopdogg 💫 #familyforever' Tamar captioned her pic with Snoop in which both of them look happy.

Someone was really curious and noted 'When u were in the big brother house I noticed ur D and T on ur neck on ur chain. I then said I bet that D stands for her guy name and I was right. David. 💕💕So happy for u @tamarbraxton 💯'

Another follower admires Tamar for not letting all the haters get to her: '@tamarbraxton You are a perfect example of how NOT to let haters destroy your spirit. Every time they try to knock you down you come back wiser, brighter and stronger.'

Someone gushed over both Tamar and Snoop and said 'I like you 2 together. I watch the Redemption of a Dogg. Much love from Holland😍😍😍'

Someone else is happy to see Tamar in such a cool mood and said 'I’m so happy for you @tamarbraxton you’ve been through so much you deserve to smile 24/7! Love you 💕💕💕💕💕💕'

Tamat has been really cheerful these days. In another recent video, she seems on cloud nine with her ‘beans’ aka her son, Logan Herbert .

These two are dancing and laughing like crazy, and her fans are in awe to see their favorite celebrity so happy.

Her followers cannot get enough of the due, and they make sure to tell her this in the comments section.

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