Tamar Braxton Addresses Fans Who Experienced Hair Catastrophes

Tamar Braxton Addresses Fans Who Experienced Hair Catastrophes
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Tamar Braxton has a new show about hair catastrophes and how to make things great again. She's addressing fans and followers who experienced a hair-related nightmare and asks them to send her a message. Check out her post below.

'Do you have a hair catastrophe you would like to share with Johnny & I? Well, Chile we want to hear from you‼️ Submit your story to us with pictures at (805) 387-2363. Let's talk it thru!' Tamar wrote.

A follower said: 'I love you Tamar but we cannot be talking about hair or lack thereof right now?' and someone else posted this message: 'And that’s why our page will always support you and your music.'

Tamar has been also promoting a hair product that she created and that changed her life.

One Instagrammer wrote: 'Omg @tamarbraxton thank you so much ... I need this so bad ... my hair won’t grow it stays the same length no matter what I do !!!! And it has thinned out ... thank u again mama .... and God Bless you always and forever.'

A diehard fan told Tamar: 'I love you @tamarbraxton you are my fav and I watch this show just for you.'

Someone else said:'You were on there with legends so 💪🏾. Way to make money off it boo!!! Can’t wait to support you!'

Ramar also talked about the times when people used to make fun of her.

Someone said: 'Wow. That’s horrible and so evil. But look at you thriving and you look beautiful Baby!!!! I love you Sister and I love your glow up!'

One follower posted: 'And another thing.... can we PLEASE stop 🛑 with the edges nonsense now? It’s old - so let’s put our energy into something more productive. We already go through so much as black women. hair loss is traumatic for many of us and it’s often due to postpartum, alopecia, etc. Time to let it go. #EndRant and #SlayyyTay.'

Fans are in love with Tamar's new show.

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