Bernie Sanders Addresses The Hilarious Memes About His Inauguration Outfit!

Bernie Sanders' casual but warm and cozy inauguration outfit became viral, taking over the […]

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Bernie Sanders Goes Viral For Laid-Back Inaugural Attire

Senator Bernie Sanders went viral for his attire when he attended Joe Biden's and […]

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Bernie Sanders Slams Elon Musk As 'Pathetic' For Saying Americans Don't Need Another Stimulus Check

Bernie Sanders obviously doesn't agree with Elon Musk's politics. Musk recently came out to […]

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Bernie Sanders And Cardi B Talk About President Donald Trump, Joe Biden, And Manicures In Surprising Video

It was the political interview of the day, and it was between Senator Bernie […]

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Cardi B Slams Bernie Sanders Supporters After He Dropped Out Of The Presidential Race

Cardi B, the Bronx native, was a proponent of Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign until […]

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Bernie Sanders Speaks About Endorsing Joe Biden After Being Invited To Be Part Of His Presidential Journey

Just hours after announcing that he is ending his presidential campaign, Senator Bernie Sanders […]

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Bernie Sanders Drops Out Of Presidential Race

Senator Bernie Sanders announced today that he was dropping out of the presidential race. […]

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Bernie Sanders Lashes Out And Drops The F-Bomb When Asked This Question

Bernie Sanders has made it clear he does not want to answer questions about […]

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Joe Biden Makes Major Announcement In Democratic Debate Against Bernie Sanders

A few hours ago, the Democratic debate ended where former Vice President Joe Biden […]

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Bernie Sanders Dropped Big Speech On Race In Flint, Michigan Because He Is A 'White Jewish Man'

Bernie Sanders had announced that on Saturday, he would deliver an important speech on […]

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