T.I. Urges Fans To Not Watch The Chappelle's Show At All

T.I. Urges Fans To Not Watch The Chappelle's Show At All
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According to multiple reports, Netflix took down Chappelle's Show but T.I says fans should stop watching the show altogether. Hot New Hip Hop reported today that Dave Chappelle took to his Instagram to say he was never paid for his series appearance on the streaming platform.

Since Chappelle came out with the revelation of how he had not received payment from Netflix and ViacomCBS, other industry stars and celebrities have urged the public to stop watching it.

Chappelle said in a new social media post that he didn't understand how Chappelle's Show had begun airing on the platform, especially considering the fact they have been working together for years on his stand-up specials.


Hot New Hip Hop claims Netflix actually removed the show after Dave complained about it, and T.I. has now begun to participate in the proposed boycott. He uploaded a post on his Instagram which read, "Do Not Watch The Chappelle Show." The rapper went on to say that they haven't even paid him for it.

T.I, of course, has already done something like this before, including when he called for his fans and followers to no longer buy products from companies like Prada, Gucci, Burberry, and more. The rapper has also called on fans to no longer frequent restaurants that have been accused of discrimination in some regard.

As it was previously reported earlier in the month, Netflix announced they were going to begin streaming The Chappelle Show on their platform, which was welcome news to many of the comedian's fans.

The Chappelle Show has gone done in history as one of the greatest sketch-comedy series of all time, including the legend behind it. Reportedly, Dave felt as if he was contributing to the problems of racism rather than helping to remove them from society.

After being offered several hundred million dollars to continue making the show, Dave reportedly rejected the offer and flew away to Africa for a little while to get away from the industry. Since then, The Chappelle Show has been hailed as one of the greats, even though it was only on the air for just two seasons.

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