T.I. Sparks A Race-Related Debate On Social Media Following His Latest Post

T.I. Sparks A Race-Related Debate On Social Media Following His Latest Post
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T.I. has a massive issue with a person in a video that he posted and he accuses the man in the video of being neo-nazi and racist. This sparks debate in the comments regarding this whole controversial issue of racism.

'Yet another Dumb ass Dummy DOE-DOE-BIRD-Brained Hillbilly Bob Country Bumpkin ass unknowledgeable narcissistic neo-nazi of the day...spewing his falsified propaganda all out in the public forum for all to see... Maaaan These po’stupid miserable men and women of fictitious entitlement ain’t never had to show or prove shit to get where they are in life & it shows!!!' Tip began the caption of his post.

T.I. continued and said: 'In the Information Age of technology.... a person (a normal civilian, let alone a law official)has to work just as hard to be dumb as they would to be knowledgeable...🤦🏽‍♂️ But I guess this is the Great America they rushing to get back to???? They say Ignorance is bliss...But stupidity is egregiously painful to watch😣 Again I say... The Nazis HAD TO BE SMARTER THAN THIS‼️ #AmericansShouldBeEmbarassed

Some people agreed with him and others said that he might not be always right.

A person wrote: 'What makes him a neo-nazi? Haha bro, I respect u a lot and always used to love seeing you in movies and stuff bc I think you're great but I just don't understand I just see a lot of people on Instagram that always make an issue about race when it doesn't have to... I'm not saying everyone is wrong, I find it ridiculous whatever happens in this world people make it a racial issue.... it's not what it is anymore, it is what people make it out to be and that is what people make it out to be nowadays.'

Somoene said: 'G Easy (idk how he spells his name) spoke about how the way Sweden is treating asap Rocky is showing white privilege and racism exists. No one jumped down his neck 🤷🏾‍♀️'

Another follower responded: 'You have a valid point cause not all white people are like that so it doesn’t have to be a race issue all the time. You’re not ignorant of the problems and while there are some people who won’t listen to your point of view there are going to be a lot more that do. Your head is in the right place man, don’t let negative comments down you.'

What do you think?

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