T.I. Shares Quotes From Nipsey Hussle And Impresses Fans - See His Video

T.I. Shares Quotes From Nipsey Hussle And Impresses Fans - See His Video
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T.I. shared a video featuring Nipsey Hussle and sent an important message to his fans and followers. Check it out below.

'Word to the wise....Follow YOUR vision. Not THEIR opinions. #LongLiveNipseyHussleTheGreat
RP: @bigu1 & @derrickgracetwo' Tip said.

Someone else posted this: 'Dope selling killed black community's then trap music enforced the death,' and another follower said: 'The results out weight everything. How many people see a vision far past than what’s in their face or their reality. A planned vision is a road to success 🔥'

Another follower said: 'Yup, and the folks that don't wanna get with the program get left 🤷🏽‍♀️', and a commenter posted this message: 'Yea, everyone wants to keep us in a brand name box, and we’re not! Teamphine.com. Positive New Positive Brand Name in the 608!.'

Another follower said: 'Practically every bw in the comments are being led by a miserable unmarried undesirable bw... failed swirler/ toilet... y’all need to be silent and stay in you blinded low IQ place.'

A fan said: '🤲and l have that vision the wisdom is the vision of reality may God show you his way🙌' and someone else posted this: 'Some people can’t take nor appreciate a person with a vision.'

A few days ago, it's been revealed that T.I. just remembered  Nipsey Hussle   via an emotional message on his social media account. Check it out below.

'It's important to remember...Energy can not be destroyed...only transferred & redistributed. Nip, You've impacted the generation immeasurably & Your legacy will live on forever. I miss our discussions & being able to challenge my plans & perspective by bouncing ideas off of each other over bottles of 1942 when we arbitrarily run into one another...like the time you came to Atlanta & I pulled up on you & we went to see Dave Chappelle,blew gas backstage after the show and mobbed to Magic City...' Tip began.

Check out the complete message. 

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