Lauren London Shares New Never-Before-Seen Pictures Of Nipsey Hussle And Reveals Two Things She Really Loved About Him

Lauren London Shares New Never-Before-Seen Pictures Of Nipsey Hussle And Reveals Two Things She Really Loved About Him
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Time goes by, but that does not make it and any easier for Lauren London who lost the love of life -- rapper and businessman Nipsey Hussle.

The actress and model has returned to social media to pour out her heart about the passing of the father of her baby boy, Kross.

Lauren also took the opportunity to share a few never-before-seen photos of Hussle who is greatly admired for his activism and vision for the Crenshaw area and other neighborhoods like it.

She revealed that Hussle was a beautiful man with an equally beautiful soul. Lauren is not the only one paying tribute to the late MC.

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The Game, who was a close friend of the artist/mogul, penned an inspirational message that read: "A pure soul who wanted everyone around him & all that he encountered to flourish & have all the love needed to get through life. In just a short conversation, he could change your perspective on almost anything & give you the tools needed to move mountains in any situation you poured effort into. The disbelief is still there & every time I think about him, it makes me want to go that much harder in my own life. Sometimes, it’s the little brother that steps up to the plate & plays the role of big bro & though I gave him knowledge of the game at times... many times we shared conversations where his advice carried me through. I’ve always fully understood life & the process in which we all live & one-day parish, but some people you know are going to get a full run at it."


The famous California rapper and proud father of Cali Dream went on to say: "Never in a trillion years would I have thought Nip would be taken from us so early. The reality of it all is undoubtedly disheartening but one day all of our numbers will be called & knowing that alone should make each one of us one to get up today & indulge in our aspirations & live life to the fullest. Our time here, especially these days as I look around the earth as a whole is limited... Even more so now as it seems people care less & less about the world as a whole. We have to start from within, one person at a time & shine more light on our youth as they are the ones that will carry the torch for us in the years to come. Fathers are better for our boys... Mothers continue to be our daughters go to for solidarity. People of all color look around & pour love into those closest to you as well as your community, city & the world. We all have to do our part for the Marathon to continue. & of course I know that it’s easier said than done, but that’s not an excuse to let another day pass without making a push towards positivity. It doesn’t cost money to give a fuck !!! & you don’t need a dime to inspire or motivate. We all have a job to do & always remember.... everything in life starts with YOU. Sound mind, body & soul. Wishing all who reads this love & light as you start your day #LongLiveNip #TMC. 🏁"

As always fans have been reaching out to Hussle's loved ones to share their support and prayers.

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  • Chazemine
    Chazemine Jun 19, 2019 8:51 PM PDT

    it’s hard to say goodbye I actually wish I would’ve went to a concert before this ever happened I love his music he has a great soul and was nothing but the truth a good father husband teacher role model and the worlds Best hero and now he’s gone cuz of a selfish ignorant ugly petty good for nothing Knigge had to take a life away to feel like he really accomplished something great in life what a shame they should put him to sleep no mercy same way he did to Nipsey Hussle !! I am not usually cold but when it comes to the good ones I say the bad ones don’t really care how they have to go if they don’t care about ours why should we !!! I’m so sorry truly from the bottom of my heart so Nipsey‘s wife Lauren London the family kids mom dad sister and brother truly truly take this time easy as much as you can I know it’s not easy but remember he wouldn’t want you guys to hurt at all in anyway even if it was over his passing trust Nipsey is watching over each and every soul that trusted in his word remember his words and his power and his love his knowledge meant and all he had to give may he rest in peace and long may he ray In gods name amen 🙏 you will for always be in my heart and playing in on my beats headphones in my car in my house and I will always represent your name and where as many shirts and sweaters as I can with your face on it to remember The kind strong man who taught me things from across the world funny how I never met him and feel like he was my family as well never forgotten I love you Nipsey Reston peace I shall see you again when it is my turn !!! 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹♾♾♾♾♾💯💯💯💯💯🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Terrie Brim Leslie
    Terrie Brim Leslie Jun 15, 2019 4:19 PM PDT

    Awe these words are so encouraging... Never knew Nipsey but I feel like I do. I think about him often and tears fall down my face. Can't image what his family, friends & his followers are going thru. May the True God give us all comfort everyday. Love from my family to all of yours. Love you...💕💕💕

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