T.I.'s Recent Video Triggers A Debate In The Comments

T.I.'s Recent Video Triggers A Debate In The Comments
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T.I. shared a video on his social media account that has people talking in the comments section. Check out the post that he shared on his IG below.

Someone said: 'Because I live in this skin....I gotta say, it ain't just the media. Black men do need to do better. And I appreciate the ones that do, unfortunately in my neck of the woods the good ones are few and far between.'

A follower posted this message: 'She has a point. Black men still need to take ownership of their wrongs,' and one other commenter wrote: 'Girl stop, what black man you know doing all this, stopped you know better.'

Someone else posted: 'And so damn sad how we continue to drag our black men. Stop it already. I love me some BLACK MEN,' and a fan said: 'The fact that this one reposted it after all the disrespect he showed his wife over the years...but I guess people change or whatever 🤷 or maybe buying that whip erased all his sins 🤔.'

A commenter said: 'We need to defend our black men more,' and someone else posted this message: 'I got me a great blk Man & I thanked his mom and dad for cultivating him ♥️ Love a Black King!'

A follower said: 'They don't need any extra help tearing and ripping us apart! We must stand up and defend each other Period! Our strength is in our Unity, brother & sister 2 brothers & sister.'

One Instagrammer said: 'Everyone says my music is too old school/ total garbage and I'm really depressed because of it. I'm about to just end it all :('

In other news, T.I.’s daughter,  Deyjah Harris , shared a bunch of new pics on her social media account and also a clip and made fans really happy.

She’s not too much into posting on IG, unlike other girls her age, and that’s why people are in awe when she does post new pics and clips.

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