T.I.'s Daughter, Deyjah Harris Has A Message For Her Male Fans Ahead Of Her 18th Birthday

T.I.'s Daughter, Deyjah Harris Has A Message For Her Male Fans Ahead Of Her 18th Birthday
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Deyjah Harris, T.I.'s beloved daughter, has a message to all her fans just ahead of turning 18 years old. She'll be 18 in June, and she warns male fans that even after her birthday, she will still be a teenager, so grown men should better leave her alone.

Read the message that she shared on Instagram below.

Fans are applauding the way in which Tip raised her daughter, and they said that this is what parenting should look like.

Someone commented 'Ladies and gentlemen I present to you something that has not been seen in a very long time 🗣PARENTING 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾.'

Another follower, on the other hand, said, '18-year-olds never use to look like this SMH this is why I ask for ID 🤦🏽‍♂️'

Other people slammed her in the comments saying that she's not dressing appropriately.

A fan posted 'She has on jeans and a mid-drift why is everyone saying she is dressing to grown. 🙄🙄 Mid-drifts and skinny jeans were made for her demographic. Not 35yr olds.'

A fan posted 'I love that she said she’s still going to be a teenager. More men need to hear that. “Legal” or not, that’s a child.'

Someone else defended Deyjah and said 'Y’all keep saying “dress your age” how tf is she supposed to dress? How about you teach your brothers/uncles to control themselves 💯'

A follower said 'Clearly grown men are making her uncomfortable lmao how is she doing too much? Just cause y’all were pregnant and ran through by 18 don’t mean she gotta be too!!!'

Deyjah has recently clapped back really hard after a fan posted an offensive comment on her social media account.

Deyjah made sure to keep the follower from ever coming back to her page, clowning the person with their own comment.

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