T.I. Reveals The Man Who Recognized His Talent When He Was A Young Adolescent

T.I. Reveals The Man Who Recognized His Talent When He Was A Young Adolescent
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T.I. is celebrating the birthday of his dear friend, someone who recognized his talent when he was younger and supported him all the way.

He wanted to introduce this man - Kawan Prather - to his fans and followers, and he marked the important event with a photo and a special message.

'Yooo for those that don’t know... if I may introduce to you the man that gave a young adolescent inner-city teen an opportunity to do more than just ride his bike up and down Bankhead distributing crack,' Tip began the caption of his post.

He continued and said 'This is Kawan Prather and he’s responsible for recognizing my talent and giving me my first big break that landed me my first record deal with LaFace Recs.in 99.... as u may or may not know the rest is history. Well... it’s hit Gday so go wish him well!!! @kawanprather Thanx again...Love and Respect!!!!'

Kawan Prather responded and wrote 'My Brother! Thank you for being the MOST solid artist turnt brother that I have had the pleasure of knowing...and growing up with. You are a great human on every level, for real. Love. 🙏🏾 And enjoy the party tomorrow...I’m sending my love.
Happy Birthday Heiress, the Aries! ♈️✊🏾'

One of Tip's fans wrote 'Happy Birthday @kawanprather thank you for giving us a legend and me my favorite rapper.'

T.I. was recently told by fans that he could not have asked a better wife than Tiny Harris. This happened after Tiny shared some really flirty pics on her social media account.

Tip’s fans were also proud of him for the way in which he defended Tiny publicly.

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