Tiny Harris' Flirty Pics Have Fans Telling T.I. That He Could Not Have Asked For A Better Wife

Tiny Harris' Flirty Pics Have Fans Telling T.I. That He Could Not Have Asked For A Better Wife
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Tiny Harris' latest photos will probably make T.I. smile. She gets all flirty and the caption says it all. This is how a woman who is in love looks like. Check out Tiny's latest photos below.

'When a man loves a woman... he can’t keep his mind on nothing else 🎶 for long..🤪😏 soft & comfy in @fashionnova #RealOldSchool 👑💦🤩🤑' Tiny captioned her post.

Someone told her 'You got it all girl. He couldn't ask for a better wife, mother, love of his life and best friend. Tiny and T.I. my favorite people, love you guys and how special your relationship/ marriage is despite what obstacles come you stuck by your husband and believed in him. So he can't go anywhere girl.'

Another follower posted '@majorgirl you deserve all the happiness! Always been my favorite! Forget the haters!! Jealous of TRUE AND REAL LOVE.'

Someone else said 'I have seen you wear hair every color of the rainbow but its something about that black hair on you😍'

A supporter gushed over the couple and said 'I so love u guys @majorgirl couple goals for real!! I’m 15 yrs in it and been through it all but at the end- it all makes sense and love cures all.'

One fan told Tiny that 'I’ve been following you since you had your show w Wayne’s daughters mom, I have mad respect for you and what you do for your family. You're a hands-on mom and I admire that about you. Go get ya sexy on 🖤'

You may recall that not too long ago, Tip stepped up and defended his wife after a bunch of haters commented on one of her pics on his Instagram account, body shaming her.

Tip's fans were proud of him for the way in which he defended Tiny publicly.

In other news, Tiny is the latest celebrity to support the event that Toya Wright has been promoting.

Toya has been putting all her efforts into bringing awareness on some critical health issues: obesity and overweight. She keeps promoting the 5k walk/run event, and more celebrities are currently supporting this cause.

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