T.I. Makes Fans Laugh By Comparing Generations - See His Recent Post

T.I. Makes Fans Laugh By Comparing Generations - See His Recent Post
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Tip's recent Instagram post has some fans laughing. He's comparing past generations to this one, and it's pretty funny as you'll see for yourself below.

Speaking of generations, Tip is always praised by his fans and followers due to the way in which he's raising his kids and what he's teaching them.

One commenter posted: 'Maaaaaan I swear da generation ain’t sh*t‼️'

Someone else wrote: 'they love telling us how they had to wake up at 4 am & walk 5 miles to school. & had a job at 8 years old.'

One commenter said: 'True, so true. Coca Cola had real cocaine it.👏👏👏👏 #facts'

A fan posted: 'My Grandaddy said he was working a full-time job at 7 years old. God Bless his Heart I miss big fella. They ain’t built like that anymore 💎'

Someone wrote that 'and now the cocaine doesn't even have cocaine in it 😢' and a person said 'I mean they did have the white off in the soda 🤣🤣'

One follower posted this: '🤔hmp sooo that's what had my granddaddy getting up back in the day with the chickens before daylight here in Bama and revving up his old pickup truck every morning and waking up the entire neighborhood before heading into work. GranPaw! was lit🔥😂😂😂 Thanks for the enlightenment @troubleman31.'

One of Tip's followers said: 'There are worse drugs via GMO's in much of the food in this generation. Many Grandmas and Grandpas were stronger as youths and adults than many youths and adults of today. (Not all). Many can agree to disagree, and that's ok.'

On a more serious note, T.I. posted a message on social media for ‘real friends,’ and his fans are completely here for this.

As expected, Tip is shading fake people who are not really your friends but only pretend to be when it’s convenient for them.

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