T.I. Has A Message For 'Real Friends' - Read It Here

T.I. Has A Message For 'Real Friends' - Read It Here
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T.I. just posted a message on social media for 'real friends' and his fans are completely here for this. As expected, Tip is shading fake people who are not really your friends but only pretend to be when it's convenient for them.

See the rapper's message below.

'YES LAWD‼️ I aughta get to @‘n y’all 😈' Tip posted.

A follower said: 'Damn... enemies! There's no person in this world that I hate or hates me. Y'all got to kill this nonsense time to grow up and let it go. Friends don't also control friends or dictate who they should be friends with. Many different ways to look at this post. prayers & love ppl🙏❤️ I challenge you to move past the hate!'

One commenter wrote: 'Your beef is your beef. Don’t expect anyone to inherit your problem with someone especially when is about business.'

Someone said: 'Most people don’t have enemies. Because most people aren’t mid-century warriors. It’s ok to have a friend that your other friend doesn’t like.'

A person told Tip that they agree with him: '@troubleman31 I agree...but is that the same thing as not rocking with somebody because of what you heard or somebody told you...you kinda gotta find out for yourself and make your own judgment, right?'

Another commenter believes this: 'Let em entertain and associate with whomever they’d like. I just take note and move accordingly. I don’t have time to monitor who entertains who but once I see something not pleasing to the friendship - I move along ✌🏾'

Other than this, Tip made headlines not too long ago, after he penned the most emotional message for his son, King Harris' birthday.

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Posted on Sep 14, 2021 4:28 PM PDT