Southern Charm Star Shep Rose Opens Up About His Very Successful Family

Southern Charm Star Shep Rose Opens Up About His Very Successful Family
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It’s no secret that Southern Charm star Shep Rose comes from a very wealthy, successful family, and he is the first one to admit it. Shep says he is “super lucky,” and he recently opened up about the “very accomplished” Rose clan that includes his dad William and mom Frances, as well as his older sister Katie and younger brother Whitaker.

William Shepard Rose III has been gushing about his parents, siblings, and his nieces and nephews on social media all summer long, and when he stopped by The Daily Dish offices he made it clear just how much he loves them. Shep revealed that his dad William, AKA Rip Rose, got his nickname from his nanny because as a kid he slept as much as Rip Van Winkle.

Shep says he inherited his dad’s sleeping gene, and that is the key to his “youthful exuberance.” The Southern Charm star describes his father as a good, kind guy who has never raised his voice at him, even though there were times when he should have.

Instead, Shep says that during those times his dad would ask him if he had learned something, and he would sarcastically say, “Yeah, I’ve learned.” Shep’s grandfather was an international businessman in the steel industry, and his dad grew up in Genoa, Italy before moving back to the States for high school, and he can speak Italian fluently.

His mom Frances comes from a wealthy family who “invented the railroad” in Chicago, and she grew up in the posh Lake Forest area. Shep says she is the one who did all of the heavy lifting when it came to raising the kids, and everyone agrees he is a lot like her.

The mom and son duo still “talk too much,” says Shep, and he knows he is a “piece of work” who is probably disappointing her at every moment. However, he acknowledges that he is lucky to have two parents who taught him right from wrong, as well as how to bathe himself.

“I like offending my mom,” says Shep. “Not super-offending, but just a little. She gets mad.”

Both of Shep’s siblings are lawyers in Charlotte, North Carolina, and he says that growing up he was hard on his brother. Shep compared his brother to Craig Conover, but then backtracked saying Whitaker is nothing like Craig because he actually practices law.

Shep believes his sister is the smart one in the family, and he calls her the genius who did everything right. But, she also had a lot of fun.

Part two of the Season 6 Southern Charm reunion airs Wednesday night on Bravo.

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