T.I. Claims He Knows Why A Leader For His Community Like Nipsey Hussle Was Killed In Viral Video

T.I. Claims He Knows Why A Leader For His Community Like Nipsey Hussle Was Killed In Viral Video
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As the world mourns Nipsey Hussle, activist and fellow rapper T.I. has taken to social where he shared his theory on why the MC was gunned down in front of his store.

Lauren London's late boyfriend was shot and killed by a young black man in Slauson in the Crenshaw neighborhood where he grew up and owned several businesses.

According to T.I., one jealous black man who did not want to see Nipsey Hussle continue to rise and gain power decided to end his life with a rain of bullets.

T.I.P. shared his thoughts in an interview with TMZ that can be seen below:

Via social media, the ATL actor added: "Legends don’t DIE &
Energy can’t be Killed...
Only transferred from 1place to the next.

He went on to say: "Sad part is... muuufuckaz so far gone in they own misery that they can’t even see wtf they doing to US as a whole!!! The easiest way to create a monster... make him Hate the sight of himself, He’ll then be incapable of loving anyone else.💔 #RestEasyLilBro @nipseyhussle"

One fan had this reaction: "Government & Pharmaceutical industry had him killed over that Dr Sebi Documentary... real talk. Please help keep his Legacy alive. You are about the only one who word stand for something. The rest just be bumping their gums."

Another commenter stated: "Hardest death to deal with since Tupac ...shocked us all. Crazy 😔😔😔😔Be careful T, I Anyone who educates and wakes up someone is automatically a target please just review your security team and make sure you guys are always straight."

This supporter shared: "His picture just breaks my heart our hood president the man with words of wisdom for our community the man who wanted us to unite as one again this just not right LA what are we doing? Not just LA, my people, this what we do? It’s not right at all .."

A fan revealed: "For the people saying “stop with the conspiracy”... how is it that when he released that he was working on the documentary, he just gets shot up from gang violence? Everybody respects this man. so until yall can make it make sense, we gone continue to believe the government did this."

T.I. is always insightful on these issues.

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