50 Cent Reveals How The Beyoncé Kiss Will Get Omari Hardwick's Ghost Killed Off On 'Power'

50 Cent Reveals How The Beyoncé Kiss Will Get Omari Hardwick's Ghost Killed Off On 'Power'
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50 Cent has announced that Ghost played Omari Hardwick will be killed from the hit series Power by Jay-Z because of that inappropriate kiss that he gave Beyonce.

The rapper loves to play around and drive his fans crazy, so there is a big possibility that he is joking and it is just another way to promote the new season of Power .

This is what 50 Cent said about the viral moment: "Season 6 of POWER Jay Z kills. Ghost don’t miss it we lit 🔥.😆LOL jay was like🤔the fuck is you doing pretty [email protected] #lecheminduroi #bransoncognac."

50 added: "Ghost is looking for more money for the queens child project.

Some fans are laughing, and others are bashing him for not talking about the late Nipsey Hussle.

One person said: "The fact that he got real sick and had to kiss her twice, AND slide them lips in real closer on that second kiss... 😩😂😂😂😂 Ghost ain’t slick man... #GetTheStrap"

This fan claimed: "I guess ghost said you only live once! The second. He bout to be a ghost for real. Ghost is taking Beyonce rite of jay. Jay gonna have to come with his own Becky with the good hair track. Ghost with the good abs. 😂😂"

This critic wrote: "Ur a fool bro...this is ur boi...u out here like everybody else spreading that propaganda bullsh#t that he was get it on Beyonce...what u should be posting was who killed Nipsey? Why? Help him finish that Dr. Sebi documentary...and make Black great again; the world was built on black souls...now make a difference where it matters stupid ass, black guy...REAL QUESTION: Have any of you who’ve slammed the idea of a “conspiracy theory” taken the time to familiarize yourself with what this Young King had in the works? Have you ever listened to his music at all? His reach extended FAR beyond his work on Dr. Sebi... Most of you might find this paragraph “too long” to read but Nip & his business partner locked in prime L.A real estate on an area that has potential to amass billions TAX-FREE with the intent to franchise & build an empire for his people, all at the tender age of 33 ‼️ Our neighborhoods & culture aren’t being gentrified or “infiltrated” for no reason. The 45th who is a real estate mogul first, doesn’t pay taxes for no reason. Put some respect on this mans name and his work bc regardless of the culprit we lost a TRUE SOLDIER.❗️✊🏽🙏🏾"

50 Cent is good at grabbing headlines.

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