Steve Kazee Explains The Meaning Behind The Name Of His And Jenna Dewan's Newborn Son

Steve Kazee Explains The Meaning Behind The Name Of His And Jenna Dewan's Newborn Son
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Steve Kazee and Jenna Dewan have been sharing their joy with social media followers over the birth of their first child together, Callum Michael Rebel Kazee. The newborn arrived on March 6th, and the couple announced his birth on March 10th. Now, Kazee has given fans some insight on the meaning behind baby Callum’s name.

Kazee took to his Instagram stories to explain how he and Dewan landed on the unique name.

“We’ve had lots of questions about the name we chose for the little peanut so figured I would share a few things,” wrote the Tony winner. “Callum: Gaelic for Dove because he has been so sweet and peaceful since landing in our arms. Michael: My middle name. Rebel: I wanted a way to honor my mother. Her name was Reba but from a very young age, her father called her Rebel. And so … Callum Michael Rebel Kazee was born.”

When Kazee announced the news of Callum’s birth on Instagram, he posted a black-and-white pic of the baby holding onto his finger. He wrote in the caption that in an instant the universe had burst wide open, and now nothing will ever be the same. He added, “Welcome to earth star child.”

On the Flirty Dancing host’s Instagram page, she posted her own pic with baby Callum and wrote in the caption that “just like that,” their hearts exploded into all of eternity and beyond. Dewan also posted a pic on her Instagram story that featured her breast feeding Callum, and on the picture she wrote, “So happy.”

According to Us Weekly , Dewan - who shares six-year-old daughter Everly with ex-husband Channing Tatum - was confirmed to be dating Kazee in October 2018 after her split from Tatum. One year later, Dewan and Kazee revealed they were expecting their first child.

Then, last month at Dewan’s baby shower, Kazee proposed.

Kiki Pagador of Kiki Designs, the designer of Dewan’s altar at the party, revealed that the baby shower was a blessing for everyone in Kazee and Dewan’s circle. She added that there were “just such high vibrations all over.”

Jenna Dewan wrote on Instagram after the proposal that she was looking forward to a lifetime where she could love and grow with Steve Kazee. She added that he has her heart.

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