Is Gwen Stefani Headed For A Breakdown?

Is Gwen Stefani Headed For A Breakdown?
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Is Gwen Stefani headed for a breakdown? This is the subject in an article in the upcoming March 16, 2020, issue of Star magazine. According to the report, Gwen Stefani has a lot on her plate and is struggling to keep it all together. With her concerts via her Las Vegas residency and being the mother to three children, she is always on the go and it's all getting to be too much, according to Star's source. The source stated that the stress of her hectic lifestyle is taking its toll. Gwen worried fans after canceling a number of her Las Vegas shows due to sickness and many have been concerned for her well-being. The Star report isn't offering much comfort to Gwen's fans that things are okay.

The source dished that Gwen is pulled in too many different directions and has been relying on Blake Shelton for support. The couple has been dating since 2015 and continue to grow stronger each day. There are plenty of rumors that the two will soon walk down the aisle and some even think they may have secretly married in Vegas, where they are spending a great deal of time due to Gwen's residency!

Star magazine reported the following.

"Blake's been a godsend for Gwen as she tries to juggle her family and career. He sees how she's affected by stress and does his best to alleviate it. He supports her all the way, especially when she's facing inner turmoil."

The source also stated that Blake helps Gwen with the children and is a rock that she can lean on in her time of need.

You may see a photo of Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani and two of her sons below.

If Gwen is struggling emotionally and mentally, she isn't letting anyone outside of her inner circle know. Those on the outside say that Gwen has never looked happier and more in love than she does with Blake Shelton.

In the photos that Gwen Stefani shares featuring her children and Blake Shelton, it seems clear that the children adore him and they all get along well.

What do you think about the report? Do you believe Gwen Stefani is headed for a breakdown?

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