Southern Charm's Kathryn Dennis Loses Her Mother At The Age Of 59

Southern Charm's Kathryn Dennis Loses Her Mother At The Age Of 59
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Reported first by Page Six, Kathyrn Dennis apparently just suffered a terrible loss. Allison Calhoun Dennis, 59-years-old, reportedly died and was given a funeral at a local funeral home on the 7th of August, 2019. It's not known whether she passed away on Wednesday.

Allison is survived by Luke Dennis, her husband, Luke Dennis Junior and Luke's children, Kensie and Saint. Dennis is reportedly the ancestor of John C. Calhoun, who was once the United States vice-president from 1825 until 1832. A source who spoke with People Magazine stated they're in need of privacy during this time.

Perhaps the saddest part about the death of Dennis' mother is the way the reality star praised her in so many different interviews from the past. Kathryn once said she would be lost without her.

The Southern Charm alum told the outlet that her mother even stayed with her following her retirement from Santee Cooper Water Service. Allison was sick so Kathryn took her in and took care of her.

"It's great to have her around, especially because she's so good with the kids," the star added. Dennis went on to say that her mother was the "best mom" and she couldn't ask for better.

This comes at a particularly turbulent time for Kathryn, especially after she and Thomas Ravenel had a falling out and she also allegedly was involved in a hit-and-run. Reported by Page Six back in January of this year, Thomas Ravenel allegedly stated in court documents that he believed Kathryn was guilty of leaving the scene of an accident.

The Blast subsequently got their hands on the video footage, shot on the 29th of October. It appeared to show Kathryn getting into her car and backing out of a parking space and sideswiping a car. She straightens out her car and then leaves the scene of the crime.

Thomas allegedly brought up the star's driving history as a point of evidence against her in their custody battle of Saint and Kensie, who are 3 and 5 respectively.

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