Teddi Mellencamp And Kyle Richards - Inside Their Thoughts On That Petition To Leave RHOBH!

Teddi Mellencamp And Kyle Richards - Inside Their Thoughts On That Petition To Leave RHOBH!
Credit: Source: realityblurb.com

As you may know, there is a petition out there demanding for Teddi Mellencamp and Kyle Richards to be fired from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Furthermore, the said petition is very close to reaching its 5K signature goal!

That being said, how do the two stars feel about the danger looming above their careers?

One insider report claims they would be ‘beyond devastated’ if they really ended up getting fired from the show and are actually pretty ‘worried.’

It sounds like Lisa Vanderpump’s fans want Teddi and Kyle to follow in her footsteps and exit RHOBH.

The petition’s creator on Change.org argued that the two women ‘sabotaged’ Vanderpump with the whole PuppyGate drama the entire season so they deserve to get fired for it.

Now, one insider tells HollywoodLife that ‘Teddi and Kyle [Richards] are not at all offended by fans calling for their firing. They’re both 100 percent confident they’ll be back for another season.’

But their confidence does not mean they would not be ‘beyond devastated if either of them did in fact get fired.’

Furthermore, they don’t think the petition is really a threat since ‘Both Teddi and Kyle know Lisa has really loyal, hardcore fans, however, they know they do as well, so figure it is what it is. They both know that should they get fired, it would have nothing to do with Lisa’s fans but they’re not at all worried about this.’

Kyle in particular is not worried at all since she thinks that she and Lisa have a good relationship nowadays, even though it could still be better.

Do you also want Teddi and Kyle off the show or do you think the petition is biased and unfair?


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  • Kayro
    Kayro Aug 18, 2019 4:09 AM PDT

    It is so sad to see grown women act like 12 year olds. Get rid of For It, Teddi and Lisa Rinna. They are all infantile troublemakers. Let's not forget Denise Richard. Don't forget SHE is the one that broke up the marriage of Heather Locklear and Richie Sambora. She is just trash. LVP was and is my favorite but I am really ready to stop watching the show. For It, Test I, Lisa Rinna must have no life since they keep stirring the trash. I realize this is probably all scripted. But For It, Text I, Lisa Finn and Denise Richards have got to go. Come on Bravo.......really. All theses wealthy women with supposed class acting like white trash. Sad. You are going to lose a lot of viewers. At least LVP had class and they all pounced on her during a very sad and horrible time in her life. Just my opinion. From that horrid Brandi Glanville through to this bunch. It's too much.

  • Joan
    Joan Aug 9, 2019 9:00 PM PDT

    I’m glad LVP is gone. She’s obviously popular with some people, but not me. I agree she’s not capable of admitting when she’s wrong and absolutely uses her status and wealth to think she’s above everyone else. She’s been known to talk out both sides of her mouth about the others so she needs to own her mistakes and not be accusing when others do that about her. Get off her high carriage and learn to be nicer. I also agree that both Kyle and Teddy bring a lot to the show and make it fun to watch each week.

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