'Southern Charm' Star Shep Rose Dropped His Dad Bod, Now He Is Sharing Exactly How He Did It

'Southern Charm' Star Shep Rose Dropped His Dad Bod, Now He Is Sharing Exactly How He Did It
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Southern Charm star Shep Rose may be rocking a dad bod during Season 6, but his co-star Cameran Eubanks recently revealed to her Instagram followers that Rose has lost some weight this summer after shooting wrapped. Rose just posted some new pics on his social media that shows he has definitely slimmed down, and he also told his fans how he did it.

Rose has been posting new pics from the race track in Del Mar. And, when fans noticed that he had lost weight, he replied, “It’s called the ‘steal random bites’ diet.” Rose demonstrated his method by posting a pic of a Big Kahuna burger with a “beautifully symmetrical bite.” The burger wasn’t his - it belonged to his friend @elizabethkatherine - but he managed to steal a bite.

It wasn’t just his new eating plan that helped Rose shed pounds. He has also been hitting the gym with his personal trainer, and he has shared some video clips of his workouts.

All of this fun social media activity involving Shep’s weight loss comes after someone hacked his Instagram account. Earlier this month a strange post appeared on the Southern Charm star’s Instagram page that said he was stranded in California and needed $500.

Concerned fans immediately started DM’ing Eubanks, and she explained that Rose’s account had been hacked and the post didn’t come from him. She also apologized to fans that had sent money, making it clear that some people had fallen for the hacking scam.

Eubanks said that Rose was just fine, and he confirmed the hack the following day on Twitter.

“Sorry for the confusion. It’s been frustrating,” wrote Rose.

Fans on Reddit named the hacking situation “Instagate,” after a post appeared claiming that Rose would pay back $1500 to anyone who could lend him $500. A second post said, “I thought my fans would be supporters, most are here for the show, not to help.”

It appears that most people realized that something wasn’t right, but it isn’t clear how many fans actually fell for the scam.

New episodes of Southern Charm air Wednesday nights on Bravo.

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