The Southern Charm Season 6 Cast Spills Some Of Their Most Shocking Confessions Ever

The Southern Charm Season 6 Cast Spills Some Of Their Most Shocking Confessions Ever
Credit: Source: Bravo

The cast of Southern Charm has been revealing some of their most shocking secrets on the Southern Charm After Show . Fans now know why Cameran Eubanks didn’t want to enjoy any cannabis during their trip to Colorado, and they also found out why Naomie Olindo agreed to meet up with Ashley Jacobs during a recent episode.

Olindo shocked Southern Charm fans when she decided to meet with Jacobs after the two got into it at Eliza Limehouse’s skeet shooting party. She explained during the after show that she “probably chugged three bottles of wine,” and it was a bizarre experience.

"For a split second, I was like, OK, this girl is completely isolated, everyone deserves a second chance. Kathryn [Dennis] got a second chance; everybody deserves to be heard. So that's why I went," said Olindo.

She added that being around Jacobs makes her feel tightness in her chest, and her conversation with Thomas Ravenel’s ex-girlfriend ultimately went nowhere because Jacobs talked in circles and blamed everyone else for her behavior towards Kathryn Dennis.

In another clip, Eubanks revealed that she couldn’t enjoy marijuana during the cast trip to Colorado because the two times in her life when she has smoked, it made her extremely paranoid. And, on one of those occasions, she ended up calling 911.

However, Eubanks did admit that watching her co-stars spoon the cannabis butter into their mouths during dinner was hilarious. She said that Shep Rose got so high he couldn’t talk, and Chelsea Meissner added that they needed more dinners like that because everyone was having so much fun and “laughing their a**es off.”

Kathryn Dennis claims that she felt disrespected by the weed-infused dinner because she hadn’t been around it since she went to rehab, and she lost her kids because of it. However, Austen Kroll called “bullsh*t,” explaining that Dennis couldn’t have cared less that cannabis was part of the dinner, and she was just trying to get attention.

As for Whitney Sudler-Smith denying that he hooked up with Dennis, Kroll and Eubanks believe that he did it because he has spoken out against Dennis so much in the past. Sudler-Smith has never kept his negative feelings towards Dennis a secret, so when he hooked up with her and went back on everything he had said in the past, he got embarrassed.

New episodes of Southern Charm air Wednesday nights on Bravo. The Southern Charm After Show airs on after each episode.


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