Sophia Bush Discusses Female Politicians And People Rushing To Call Them ‘Unlikable’ - That Word Should Be ‘Banished!’

Sophia Bush Discusses Female Politicians And People Rushing To Call Them ‘Unlikable’ - That Word Should Be ‘Banished!’
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The actress had a very interesting discussion with HollywoodLife on politics and the reason why so many people are quick to slam female candidates as ‘unlikable!’ Sophia Bush is well known for how outspoken she is and this time, she once again brought up an interesting point.

As you may be aware, no too long after Elizabeth Warren announced that she was considering running for the presidency in 2020, other politicians, as well as citizens and the media started comparing her to Hillary Clinton, wondering if she will also face the same ‘likability issue’ as her.

While at the National Board of Review Awards, Sophia Bush gave an interview to HL and one of the topics of discussion was this tendency of people to question female politicians’ ‘likability’ before they can even show what they stand for.

‘It drives me crazy. We treat women like they are meant to simply be pretty, like they are meant to be looked at, like they are meant to be mothers, like they are meant to be caretakers, and you can be all of those things, but you are equally empowered to be smart, educated, thoughtful, to be an investor – not just a charitable donor – if you can be both, great,’ she said.

Sophia went on to argue that ’Unlikable’ is now pretty much the same as ‘smart, outspoken, opinionated, educated and active’ precisely because these are the characteristics people don't usually appreciate in women.

It’s definitely one word the actress would like to ‘banish!’

Finally, Bush argued that ‘Anyone who is assessing Elizabeth Warren’s likability right now needs to take several seats. We need to see how this is all shaking out. We should be focused on rooting out who the best candidate it, man, woman, whatever, and see where we go.’

That makes so much sense! If only more people would think like that, maybe things would be different in the political sphere right now.

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