Kandi Burruss Gets Political With Video Mocking President Donald Trump Using A Destiny's Child Song She Wrote

Kandi Burruss Gets Political With Video Mocking President Donald Trump Using A Destiny's Child Song She Wrote
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Even Kandi Burruss is having fun at President Donald Trump's expense with a Destiny's Child song. Todd Tucker's wife, who is a proud Democrat, shared a video where Trump is being ridiculed on MSNBC for repeating that he will make Mexico pay for the wall.

Since late December there has been a partial government shutdown as Trump and members of the Democratic party go at it over funding for the wall.

Trump vowed to make this shutdown last several years if he does not get the billions he has been asking for.

Thus far, the Democrats have not wavered and are fighting back with Nancy Pelosi ridiculing Trump by saying that she is willing to give him one dollar for the construction of the much-talked-about wall.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star captioned: "It’s kind of cool to hear #MSNBC use a song that I co-wrote to describe the President, even though they’re using it to clown him! 🤣🤣🤣 #BillsBillsBills #DestinysChild #Trump 🎼🎼🎼"

One person slammed Kandi and stated: "So unamerican, to want your President to fail!! President Trump 2020. All that Hatred you have for our president, yet all you famous people show more Hatred then coming together. Will you open your mansion's to all these illegal immigrants?? No, didn't think so!"

A supporter wrote: "Damn @kandi you are a true baller. Legacy is long sister girlfriend, and I'm damn proud and happy another sister has made her mark on this [email protected] @arimelber always uses rap music and song lyrics to discuss different topics on his show #thebeat on #MSNBC I watch his show every day. He also did a segment and used a Ghetto Boys song, My Mind's Playing Tricks on me in reference to Trump."

Another fan said: "Some years back, the AJC completed an article about the percentage of people who work and live here on visas. I'm talking about years and years. Most go unnoticed to overstaying because whoever they are working for don't report them due to being honest labor. It doesn't mean that they are criminals. They are sending that money home straight up out of our economy. That's another discussion."

This fourth follower explained: "Someone needs to clean the wax out of their ears so they can hear and more clearly and accurately understand the dynamics of what's going on in this country, try doing some research, or just listen to different/multiple news sources and stop feasting on all the garbage and lies the orange orangutan spews and Fox news disseminates."

Will Trump ever get his wall?

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