Solange Teases New Music And Fans Are Freaking Out!

Solange Teases New Music And Fans Are Freaking Out!
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Solange is seemingly hinting that some new music is on its way and it is safe to say that her fans are super excited! The star’s followers are sure she has something in store for them even though nothing has been confirmed at this time.

Earlier today, Solange caused fans to freak out with a series of social media posts that seem to suggest she’d drop new music soon.

As you may be aware, the celeb had not even posted anything on her Instagram account since October of last year so her two updates in the span of just one day did not go unnoticed!

She also tweeted for the first time since December.

On her Insta page, Beyonce’s sister shared a pic of i-D’s The Homegrown Issue featuring her on the cover!

But the post that got everyone talking was something she shared both on Instagram as well as on Twitter – a vid and a link sending to a site - BlackPlanet.

‘Find me on black planet!!’ she tweeted cryptically.

In the caption of her Instagram post, Solange wrote: ‘Taking ovaa new world wiide web.’

It did not take long for people to check out BlackPlanet and discover that there were gifs of the star posing in a Thierry Mugler-style bodice and bejeweled lingerie.

Are the gifs from an album photoshoot?

Among the clips, there are also messages that people suspect might be song lyrics, like: ‘When your body is all you have you best take care,’ and ‘I swallowed the light.’

Here are a couple of the excited reactions to the possibility of new music being out soon: ‘Y’all I know I’ve been begging the universe to have my good sis Solange release some art but BABYYYYYY.’ / ‘SOLANGE IS COMING. GOD MIGHT BE A WOMAN.’

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