Snoop Dogg Shares Hidden Photo Of He And Tupac Arriving At 1996 AMA's

Snoop Dogg Shares Hidden Photo Of He And Tupac Arriving At 1996 AMA's
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Snoop Dogg and Tupac Shakur famously rolled up to the American Music Awards back in 1996, on the 29th of January. Snoop and Tupac were close friends up until his shooting a death that same year.

Hot New Hip Hop picked up on an Instagram post from earlier today in which Snoop Dogg shared a goofy picture with Tupac driving and Snoop in the passenger seat.

The American Music Awards that year featured performances from big-name artists including LL Cool J, Nas, Mariah Carey, and Lionel Richie, among many others. Snoop Dogg, who was clearly in a nostalgic mood, shared the photo on his Instagram in which he and Tupac drove to the awards.

Snoop wrote, "riding shotgun," alongside the picture of he and the late rap legend. It's not clear if Snoop Dogg was avoiding the camera, or was simply just unaware of the fact a picture was being taken of him. Shakur was clearly aware of the camera, however.

You can check out the picture below:

According to Hot New Hip Hop, this isn't the only time that Snoop Dogg has dug into his old photos and shared some of them for fans. Every once in an awhile, Snoop Dogg shares one of the pictures he has with Tupac. Many of them have been legendary.

As fans of Tupac know, he was shot and killed in September of 1996, and to this day, it's unclear who killed him, although there have been many conspiracy theories as to what led to his death.

Tupac was shot and killed just like The Notorious BIG. Both of them were among the biggest artists of the day and have since become legends in hip-hop and rap music.

Snoop Dogg is a legend in a similar way, but that hasn't stopped him from getting into trouble, including on the 5th of May, 2020, when Alexis Stone reported on a post from Snoop Dogg in which he shared his love for his wife.

As fans of the rapper know, he was recently accused of cheating by Celina Powell . A few years back, Celina claimed Snoop was a cheater and it was a scandal for him and his wife at the time.

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