Shep Rose's Instagram Hacked -- Southern Charm Star Grateful For The Concern Of Friends And Fans

Shep Rose's Instagram Hacked -- Southern Charm Star Grateful For The Concern Of Friends And Fans
Credit: Source: Bravo

Southern Charm Star Shep Rose fell victim to a hacker. The person attempted to solicit money from the reality star's fans before he was able to regain control.

On Tuesday night Shep's Instagram started posting suspicious messages out of left field. The first set the background story of what would be an elaborate plan to ask for money from his followers.

'Guys my phone is at home , Please stop calling me,' the criminal wrote in a message on his Instagram Story.

Followed by: 'Having a bad day ,bank account is on hold … No funds and I am stuck in California!'

This immediately alarmed fans who knew that Shep would most likely never be stranded somewhere he can't leave from and would definitely not ask for help from the public.

The anonymous person then said: 'If anyone can lend me $500 I am willing to pay back $1500 Saturday… I am in California stuck my bank is on hold and I have no gas or anything… Anyone that can help please message me I have Cash app & Zelle.'

By then, fans were straight-up suspicious -- which upset the scammer.


'Thought my fans would be supporters… See most are here to for the show not to help, That’s why I haven’t done much for the community. The ones who helped will always be rewarded! Free merch and $2000 Next friday.'

Viewers of the show immediately reached out to his co-stars Cameron Eubanks and Craig Conover to alert them about what was happening.

After receiving a surplus of DM'S, Cameron made a video telling people that Rose was hacked and to not send the person behind it any money.

Eventually, Shep was able to regain control of his account and expressed gratitude for his friends and fans.

'So my Instagram was hacked last night. It’s caused a lot of stress for me and those of you that were understandingly worried about me. As much as the experience sucked, in a strange way it’s been humbling and eye opening to feel the love and concern from everyone. Thanks to those who reached out and sorry that this con man invaded our lives.'

Hopefully, no one fell victim to this impersonator.

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