Shaunie O’Neal Drops A Few Bombshells About The Season Finale Of 'Basketball Wives' -- Evelyn Lozada, Kristen Scott, And Ogom O.G. Chijindu Might Be In Trouble

Shaunie O’Neal Drops A Few Bombshells About The Season Finale Of 'Basketball Wives' -- Evelyn Lozada, Kristen Scott, And Ogom O.G. Chijindu Might Be In Trouble
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As the current season of Basketball Wives is drawing to a conclusion, Shaunie O’Neal has implied that things might end in a somewhat dramatic fashion, although she has not revealed exactly what will happen.

From what fans could tell, Shaunie has hinted that the show’s cast will go through a significant revision, as she has been reconsidering the whole line-up and who belongs in the group in reality -- Malaysia Pargo, Evelyn Lozada, Kristen Scott, and Ogom “O.G.” Chijindu are all on the chopping block.

The situation on the show’s set has been quite concerning for its fans lately, with various indications that things are indeed going in the wrong direction.

Shaq’s ex-wife said: “I really wanna talk to O.G. and let her know when she’s around things escalate every time. It’s not your fight. Even if somebody else has a fight, it’s not yours. Evelyn, you’ve had a gone moment a couple of times a year. It’s made me reconsider who should actually, really be in this group.”

Many of the cast members have split up in small groups at this point, and there is a lot of bickering going on between those groups.

And some fans have not been afraid to demonstrate their disapproval of the whole situation either, noting that people involved in the entire thing have been acting “like animals.”

There have been accusations of bullying and underhanded political plays as well, and it looks like Basketball Wives is headed down a very dramatic path right now, and some backers are tired of it.

The show has already shown itself as one of the more charged productions on the reality scene, and it seems like fans have only seen the tip of the iceberg so far, with even more coming up soon.

Whether this will spell any problems for the production in the future is hard to tell, as shows of this type tend to be very volatile in general.

One fan had this to say: “Shaunie is the promoter of mess & confusion. She’s thriving off negativity when she can do a lot better doing something positive while she’s wasting time ruining lives don’t negatively promote melanin women promote them so the world can see their talents let them be a blessing not being messy.”

One of the other, Shaunie knows what she is doing.

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  • Tonya
    Tonya Dec 2, 2019 4:19 PM PST

    I just want to know what is going to happen to Evelyn. SHAUNIE needs to take some professional employers training. I had friends in my business I had to straighten and terminate. At the end of the day business is business. Especially your friend should represent you better.

  • IncredibleD
    IncredibleD Oct 14, 2019 4:49 AM PDT

    Let's be clear this is a show pure entertainment. You people are really taken this to serious these women signed up for this drama may it be for a come up in the celebrity world or for coins in their bank account it's all for the same purpose. Shaunie keep bossing up do you because apparently it's working. Please step out the box and see its all about the check honestly now days reality is not so reality you people are giving this to much life. Money in the cast pockets and you sitting at home with headaches over people that don't know you. So to the cast members keep bossing up since I know it's only entertainment I'm waiting to see the next show you all great.

  • Anon Houston
    Anon Houston Oct 13, 2019 4:28 PM PDT

    As the boss in charge, calling Evilyn your ace and never reprimanding her publicly shows your bias. But you go hard on OG. Talking about you talk every day privately. Well just as Evilyn made the comments publicly as the boss it's your job to let the public know on the show in the same format as you criticize OG alledged behavior you should do the same for your other employee. Don't you understand you as a boss can't let racist comments slide by, by saying girrrrrrl you gotta chill and a little more girl chat were you talk badly about the other ladies and he he ha ha with her as if nothing had happened in public but use every chance you can to talk down about OG in public never addressing the racist comments publicly. Like just say like the other racist employers say "racism will not be tolerated, this is a work place" you don't even do that much. Evilyn does it and you are still praising her in public and I don't believe you have said anything about it, you yourself only mentioned that you told her she is going to be embarrassed about the vague display but that was in a laughing manner, which she will not because that's her demeanor VAGUE and you know it, she likes to talk about her vagina, WHY. OG needs to sue you, Evilyn and VH1 decrimanation is not funny. It's hurtful. Stressful and should not be condone in any manner whatsoever friends or no friends

  • Donna Smedley
    Donna Smedley Oct 10, 2019 8:46 AM PDT

    I cringe watching this show. I can’t even watch anymore. It’s a poor display of grown black Women acting like schoolgirls gone bad with no home training. Total embarrassment. Trading their dignity and class, for reality tv. 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Sasha
    Sasha Oct 9, 2019 8:25 AM PDT

    That what I have said throughout the drama, I never rectified of bri g the better one. Grown folks keep your hands to yourself. Two wrongs don't make it right Eve should not have called og a monkey. Og should not have made statement about Eve wearing cornrows when she was wearing a blonde wig it just as bad as eve.stop stop stop. No one should rectify wrong,wicked ratchet ways. Stop TROLL BULLIES u JUST as bad.

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