'Sesame Street' Goes Viral As Horrified Parents Question If Grover Said The 'F-Word' On Show

'Sesame Street' Goes Viral As Horrified Parents Question If Grover Said The 'F-Word' On Show
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A clip from a Sesame Street episode has gone viral as horrified parents fear Grover said the F-word on air. Some are replaying the video repeatedly as they try to hear clearly what Grover stated. The video and controversy are reminiscent of other viral videos that dealt with matters of perception such as Laurel vs. Yanny and whether the dress was blue and black or white and gold.

In the video player below, ask yourself if Grover said, "That sounds like an excellent idea" or "That's a (insert F-word) excellent idea."

The video below has over 600,000 views and more videos asking the same question have also gone viral. One thing that people are finding interesting is that for many, people are hearing what they try to hear.

If someone concentrates on hearing "That sounds like an excellent idea," that is what they hear. When they immediately concentrate on hearing "That's a (insert F-word) excellent idea," the same people will hear that as well.

Give it a try and see if you hear both phrases.

What do you think?

Is this a matter of perception? Do you think Grover actually dropped the F-bomb on Sesame Street ?

Sesame Street has worked hard at keeping their image pristine throughout the years. When the movie The Happytime Murders was announced, Sesame Street attempted to sue the producers in order to stop the film. They lost and the movie came out anyway.

The idea of one of Sesame Street's wholesome and beloved characters actually cursing on camera would be devastating to their reputation.

It appears that though the idea of Grover cursing is mortifying to many, many people aren't ready to boycott the show. Since many people discovered they hear what they focus on, some are concluding this is some sort of auditory illusion and aren't taking it very seriously.

Some of the comments appearing on social media are funny and one said that Grover is "no Sesame" but all Street."

Neither Eric Jacobsen or Frank Oz have weighed in on the controversy or issued official statements about the debate.

It doesn't seem this one is going away too quickly. With the video going viral, it's likely this week might find more people discussing the issue.

What did you hear? Do you find that you hear both sentences depending upon what you're focusing on?

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