Selma Blair Says She 'Cannot Imagine Feeling OK Ever Again' While Battling Multiple Sclerosis

Selma Blair Says She 'Cannot Imagine Feeling OK Ever Again' While Battling Multiple Sclerosis
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The actress has her good and bad days while battling multiple sclerosis and it seems like when she shared her latest post, she was going through a rather bad one. Selma Blair took to social media to share a pic featuring her in bed with a stuffed animal in her arms.

She looked really sick but felt like she needed to share her experience with the world to spread awareness and encourage others going through similar things.

In the caption, she wrote: ‘I feel sick as hell. I'm vomiting and all things which are not polite to speak of. My son ran away. From me. I have to get him to school. The treatments take their toll. I am going to get through this. This will pass. And to all moms and dads who watch their children sick on things we take to get better… So glad that this is me and not my child. I can't imagine ever feeling ok again. #roughday. We get through. #realitycheck.’

And that was not the first time she did a ‘reality check.’

Just the day before, the actress and single mother, showed herself getting a plasma infusion.

‘This is not a sad post. Nor am I showing any tubing although I find it all curious. This is me grateful. Thank you universe. Thank you donors. Thank you my friends and all who aim to find their way to feeling their strongest. Whatever form that takes,’ she wrote in the caption.

As fans remember, Selma made her diagnosis public back in October.

At the time, she also took to her platform, to thank her Another Life costume designer, Allisa Swanson for being so patient and careful while helping her get dressed.

She went on to explain her symptoms including ‘foggy’ memory and loss of control over her body which causes her to sometimes drop things or even fall down.

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