Selena Gomez, In A Bright Mini, Shows How To Combine Colors So That Everyone Looks At You

Selena Gomez, In A Bright Mini, Shows How To Combine Colors So That Everyone Looks At You
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Selena Gomez arrived in Milan to participate in a beauty presentation after a visit to Paris for Fashion Week - and immediately changed outfits from French brands to Italian ones.

The 29-year-old actress and singer showed up to the event in a total Prada look, wearing a green crepe blouse, dainty black leather pumps with low heels, and a charming pleated miniskirt in contrasting orange and black stripes.

The star presented a bright bow in her signature style - without unnecessary jewelry and excessive makeup, however, without forgetting about gold hoop earrings and a lot of studs with precious crystals in her ears.

Selena was in a great mood, smiling a lot and flirtatiously posing for the cameras. It did not escape the reporters that the star looked extremely fresh and gladly showed off her slender legs, touched by a gentle tan.

The stars of Disney and ABC TV show arrived on the blue carpet at the Disney Up Front event in New York last night.

Selena Gomez, 29, posed for a photo call in a short suit with a short-sleeved jacket with large pearl buttons and a miniskirt, white pumps covered with satin fabric to complement the outfit.

Selena introduced the audience to the second season of the series with her participation in the company of the show's co-stars - Steve Martin and Martin Short - "Murder in the Same Building" (Murder in the Building Only).

Earlier, Like many celebrities, the star of the series "Murders in the same building" arrived in Paris for fashion week and walked her best outfits there, since the brands are happy to provide the actress with the most trendy wardrobe.


Yesterday, reporters photographed Selena Gomez on her way to a restaurant in an outfit in the style of a seductive schoolgirl and, judging by the dazzling smile, in a great mood.

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