Scheana Shay Says She Feels 'Vindicated' After Discovering Vanderpump Rules Footage Was Edited To Make Her Look Bad

Scheana Shay Says She Feels 'Vindicated' After Discovering Vanderpump Rules Footage Was Edited To Make Her Look Bad
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Scheana Shay feels like she got the justice she deserved. After social media users began a hashtag, #JusticeForScheana, the reality star responded to comments from Bri Dellinger, the Vanderpump Rules editor, who admitted to purposely giving Shay unfavorable edits to make her look bad on screen.

The 35-year-old said on the Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast that she definitely felt "vindicated" by the revelation because she finally realized she wasn't crazy. In other words, the news validated what she was already thinking.

Shay says it was frustrating for her to watch episodes of Vanderpump Rules and think to herself, "ugh, it wasn't like that." While she did want to say something about it, she ultimately chose not to because she didn't want more backlash.

According to Shay, her boyfriend, Brock Davies, played a crucial role in keeping her in check. For instance, when the news of her vindication went viral, Shay had to do everything in her power not to go on social media and start ranting about how unfair it all was.

She claims her boyfriend told her that ranting on social media wasn't going to do anything. All it was going to do was "p*ss off more people," and perhaps it was just a better idea all around for her not to go on the social sharing platform.

As it was previously reported, Dellinger made it abundantly clear that she went out of her way to edit the footage so Shay looked as terrible as possible. Moreover, she claims she was given the request to make Schroeder and Beau Clark look better in comparison.

On an unrelated note, Shay said she was actually envious of Stassi and Beau. Reportedly, the incident with Shay led many to believe their situation is in peril on Vanderpump Rules. In other words, cast members are unsure how they're going to go about it in newer episodes.

Reportedly, they're hoping to get some more guidance from the network, Bravo, sooner, rather than later, and firing the editor isn't going to change anything, however, other sources have claimed that this is how the reality TV business works.

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