Scheana Shay Admits That She Called The Paparazzi On Herself

Scheana Shay Admits That She Called The Paparazzi On Herself
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During Tuesday night's episode of Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen , Scheana Shay admitted to tipping off the paparazzi for publicity. Page Six claims the reality star appeared on the program earlier this week where she made her surprising revelation.

The 34-year-old star said to the host of Bravo's TV series, "Sometimes I have, yes," when asked if she ever called media reporters on herself. Cohen went on to tell a story of the time she called him in Palm Springs and asked if he could "paparazzi (her)" outside of a Walmart.

Andy asked her if it was a joke in which both of them were on it. Fans of Vanderpump Rules know that this isn't the first time the allegations have been brought to the forefront. Stassi Schroeder did the same thing when she accused Shay of calling the paparazzi during Give Them Lala...With Randall.

The 31-year-old, Schroeder, said on her podcast that there was a person who did that sort of thing. She said, "Scheana does that when she goes to Hawaii." She added that she did the same thing when Patrick Meagher broke up with her before a trip to Mexico.

As fans of Shay know, she's been spotted publicly with other reality TV stars as well, including DeMario Jackson in Hawaii, and Robby Hayes as well. She used to hang around Mike Shay, her ex-husband, in the same area.

While it may seem shocking, calling the paparazzi on oneself isn't anything new. In fact, Meghan Markle's father, Thomas, was accused of staging paparazzi photographs to make himself look better in the public eye.

The scandal occurred right around the same time when Meghan was gearing up to marry the former British prince, Harry. Later, Thomas Markle backed out of going to his daughter's wedding because of a last-minute operation in Mexico.

However, many people on social media believed he was just looking for an excuse to not go after his embarrassing and very public mishap. One of R. Kelly's accusers were also accused of staging a TMZ paparazzi intervention.

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