Scared Harvey Weinstein Once Chased Around By Accuser's Chihuahua

Scared Harvey Weinstein Once Chased Around By Accuser's Chihuahua
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As Harvey Weinstein's trial continues, more surprising details have been revealed, including the allegation that Harvey went to the home of one of his accusers one evening only to be "frightened" by a pet chihuahua.

According to court testimony, obtained by Page Six, Elizabeth Entin, who shared an apartment in the East Village with Mimi Haleyi in 2006, claims Harvey barged into their apartment one evening and was scared of their chihuahua named Peanut.

Entin claims he showed up one night and kind of just "pushed his way in." Elizabeth, alluding to the phone call she shared with Mimi, claims they both shared a laugh at Harvey's expense because a small dog chased him around the apartment and he didn't like it.

Reportedly, Harvey said out loud, "what is this thing? Get it away from me." The incident went down shortly before Weinstein allegedly forced oral sex on Mimi at his Soho apartment on the 10th of July, 2006.

When Harvey walked out of the courtroom, a reporter asked him if he was afraid of chihuahuas, and Harvey laughed it off and said, "do I look like I'm afraid of Chihuahuas?" Mr. Weinstein made his comment while walking away with his walker in hand.

As it was previously reported, the disgraced movie mogul is on trial at the moment for predatory sexual assault among other charges from three different women, including the aforementioned Mimi Haleyi. At the time of the purported assault, Entin explained to jurors, Mimi trusted the story with her.

Entin claimed she was "very nervous," and was pacing around a lot. She also claimed she looked "anxious." As the story goes, Mimi reportedly told Harvey to stop multiple times, said she was on her period, but it didn't thwart Harvey's actions. Mimi claims he pulled out her tampon and forcibly performed oral sex on her.

Elizabeth, who was a fashion assistant at the time, claims she hardly thought anything of Harvey's previous behavior. They just thought of it as a "pathetic, older man," making moves on Mimi.

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