Saweetie Reveals She Worked At Strip Club, Admitting That She Knows "A Couple Of Tricks"

Saweetie Reveals She Worked At Strip Club, Admitting That She Knows "A Couple Of Tricks"
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Saweetie has been praised for graduating from the University of Southern California and not having a shady past, but the rapper actually set the record straight. In an interview with The Shade Room, the host told the rapper that people are pleased she didn’t have a stripper past.

However, Saweetie revealed that she did work in a strip club before becoming famous, adding that “I think people have a misconception of strippers, and the reason why I say that is 'cause I used to work at the strip club myself."

Asked by the host whether she used to “dip it low” or not, the rapper replied, “you know I got a couple of tricks.” When the host asked the rapper if she would show off some moves, Saweetie said, “you gotta pay me for that.”

Leaving all the jokes aside, the rapper explained that people who work in gentlemen’s clubs shouldn’t be put down: "All I'm saying is, I've seen that conversation and I don't like when people uplift me by putting down another woman because while I was a server at the strip club, I realized that strippers are regular people."

Saweetie said that those strippers may be college girls, mothers, acrobats or psychologists, therapists, saying that “they're real girls who just come into work.”

The rapper also learned the “time is money” saying by working at the strip club, telling women that she wants them to “really value thereselves 'cause you learn a lot working in those type of environments.”


So now you know it! Saweetie is not exactly a “good college girl”! Over the summer, the rapper celebrated her 27th birthday in the outdoors and went live, dropping into a split and celebrating the moment when she received two Birkin bags as a b-day gift. Now you know where she learned her moves from.

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