Bhad Bhabie Is Dating Another 20-Year-Old Mystery Man And Tells Haters “Ain’t Nothing Wrong” About Her Romance

Bhad Bhabie Is Dating Another 20-Year-Old Mystery Man And Tells Haters “Ain’t Nothing Wrong” About Her Romance
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Bhad Bhabie may be 17 years old now, but she’s as fierce as she was four years ago with her viral “Cash me outside!” scene on Dr. Phil, when she was known by her real name Danielle Peskowitz Bregoli. She now has a huge follower base on social media and her every decision has been criticized by others. So what was her reaction after revealing her new boyfriend?

The young rapper revealed a photo of herself and a mysterious boyfriend posing in front of a mirror. When an Instagram user commented that the guy “looks a bit old,” others agreed.

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“Homie going for that 15 year sentence,” wrote one of Bhabie’s followers, while another one said that the man “look like he could b yo dad 💀.” Another Instagram user agreed that “he looks really old... i hope ur safe 🖤.”

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The underage rapper had enough of all the mean comments and replied in the comment section. The Shade Room spotted the comments and shared them on its IG account as well.

“He’s 20 I’m 17…ain’t nothing wrong with 3 years so relax,” Bhabie replied to one IG user. In another reply, the rapper pointed out that “half y’all mommas b 35 and y’all daddy’s b 50 so stfu.”

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Some people believe that it indeed is not a big age gap between the two. However, she is still only 17 and their relationship is illegal in many states, noted one of TheShadeRoom’s followers. Danielle will turn 18 next year on March 26, so all of this drama will finally end.


Another thing that had everyone fired up about the young rapper is that she keeps switching her look. Bhad Bhabie shared some photos of herself as a baby and explained that her hair is naturally curly and she did not get a perm.

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