Sarah Hyland Might Just Get An Engagement Ring Sometime Soon Wells Adams Says

Sarah Hyland Might Just Get An Engagement Ring Sometime Soon Wells Adams Says
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According to Wells Adams, if he gets his way in the future, he and Sarah Hyland may actually tie the knot. The 34-year-old Bachelorette alum spoke with reporters from Us Weekly and revealed, "we just moved in together, so I think we're still kind of like feeling each other out."

While promoting his podcast, Pratt Cast , the star said it will likely happen eventually. Speaking on recent rumors around their possible engagement, Adams revealed that the rings she was seen wearing in Mexico were actually just fake - they belonged to a friend of hers'.

Confirming what many of his and her fans likely didn't want to hear, Adams said they're not engaged, but "it's definitely going to happen." The Modern Family actress also appears to have marriage on her mind as well. She wrote, "next marriage is me ok?" on Esther Kim's Insta-upload in which she posted a picture of her first wedding anniversary with Matthew Daddario.

As it was previously reported, Adams and Hyland started dating officially in October 2017 after meeting on social media. They moved in together in the summer of 2018, and they also shared the moving-in process all for their fans to see on Instagram in August.

Adams' words come at a particularly vulnerable time for Hyland, whose relative recently died in a drinking and driving accident. The Modern Family star took to her social media to address the controversy, asking her fans to be nice and not say anything ignorant or unnecessarily vitriolic.

However, apparently, her fans words online were quite negative because she said at one point that she considered deleting her social media again. The star admitted that her fans likely didn't know the details of the case, and thus, they shouldn't speak on it.

Adams' name has been in the headlines in recent months mostly due to his relationship. As  Bachelorette fans know, he was supposed to win the heart of JoJo Fletcher during the 12th season of The Bachelorette . Jordan Rodgers, a former professional quarterback, ended up taking home the gold, however.

Although, he did, manage to make it to the sixth week and at eighth place. The runner-up was Robert Hayes, a former competitive swimmer.


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