Nick Cannon Praises Ellen DeGeneres For Supporting Kevin Hart Following Oscar's Controversy

Nick Cannon Praises Ellen DeGeneres For Supporting Kevin Hart Following Oscar's Controversy
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It was last month when Nick Cannon chose to defend his good friend, Kevin Hart when the latter stepped down from helming the Oscars next month due to the allegedly homophobic tweets that he has addressed more than once in the last decade.

And this past week, Kevin spoke with Ellen DeGeneres on her show, a decision which some fans of Ellen actually criticized. Kevin explained that someone was clearly out to get him. In some words, Hart suggested it was an attack on his character and legacy.

Despite Kevin's tweets from the past, Ellen chose to advocate for the Oscars to have him back. The 38-year-old, Nick, said to People Magazine, "that's dope," regarding Ellen's decision to back Kevin up even though people on Twitter were furious.

"When one of the bosses calls for you, that's always a good look," Nick said to People, reported by The Inquisitr. Cannon said that she has been an "entertainment guru" for many years, and people respect her because of it. As it was previously reported, the 39-year-old  Night School appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and said the Oscars mishap was a "malicious attack on (his) character."

Cannon, who's now hosting the Fox production, The Masked Singer , said it was clear the controversy hit Kevin pretty hard because his mood went from thrilled to crushed in a matter of days. It was a life-long dream of his to host the ceremony.

When asked if Hart would reconsider taking the job, the comedian admitted that he and his friend haven't talked about it lately. While clarifying Hart's position, Nick said Kevin doesn't need to do the Oscars. If he did choose to helm the Academy Awards, it would be his own choice, at his volition.

In defense of the comedian, just a few days after Kevin found himself in hot water, Nick took to Twitter to share tweets from other comics like Amy Schumer, Sarah Silverman, and Chelsea Handler, pointing to or suggesting the apparent hypocrisy in Hollywood and in the industry.

Speaking on that matter once again, Nick said he has nothing but "respect and admiration" for who those women are, but it was a way of pointing out what he called "selective outrage and hypocrisy." The purpose of his tweets wasn't to involve anyone in a witch hunt.

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