Sandra Bullock Reveals Why She Agreed To Star In 'Bird Box'

Sandra Bullock Reveals Why She Agreed To Star In 'Bird Box'
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Bird Box became a huge success and a big part of the reason why is obviously thanks to the movie’s main star, Sandra Bullock. Now, the actress revealed why he said yes to being part of the project and it’s super heartwarming!

Her role as Malorie gained her an award at the MTV Movie and TV Awards in the Most Frightening Performance category!

That being said, during her acceptance speech, the actress shared that her two kids were the ones who inspired her to accept the part.

‘My children asked me to make something for them. I knew that this was a story that I needed to make because it was about family. When I finished the film, I went to my kids and said, 'Mommy made this for you. and I know that you cannot see it until you are 21... but you will know there is nothing that I would not do for you,’’ Bullock stated after receiving the Golden Popcorn from Gal Gadot.

She went on to gush over how important family is and to assure her young ones that she will be there to protect them just like she did her on-screen children, no matter what.

‘Family is what you fight for and what you protect... No matter what, you are always my first thought in the morning and my last thought every night. I was put on earth to protect you. You're my world.’

Sandra went on to joke that her son later told her that ‘it was superhero films I was talking about. Those are the movies you should be making.’

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