Safaree Impresses Fans With This Emotional Message About Staying True To Yourself

Safaree Impresses Fans With This Emotional Message About Staying True To Yourself
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Safaree managed to impress his fans and followers with a message about what it means to stay true to yourself. Also, he addresses separating men from boys.

'When you get to a certain age in life, it should be 2nd nature to separate the boys from the men. You can’t say your growing up and have people around you who don’t uplift you. I’m cool with myself and my family, so I don’t need a clique or fake friends around me. I did that already. My circle so small it looks like a dot! I don’t need acceptance from anyone,' Safaree wrote.

He continued and said: 'I don’t go anywhere it doesn’t make sense for me to be. I get invited to a lot and might go to 1 out of 100 invitations. I know I’m that ni%%a. I look the way I feel inside and can’t nobody take that from me. I wouldn’t wanna be anyone else, and if you read this, you should feel the same way about yourself. STRAIITTTTTT 📸 @shotbysed #reckless #safaree' Safaree captioned his post.

Someone said: 'You’re still a boy, telling your wife she shouldn’t carry any more of your children because she got too big in your eyes! That’s a little boy stupid comment to make! You only worried about this perfect image for social media and portraying to be something you’re not! You still have a lot of growing up to do!'

One other follower posted this: 'Yes, I rather be myself. It is too many imitations and copycats. Love yourself. Cause can't, anybody, stop your grind but you.'

Someone else said: 'Go look what your wife post ...😂😂😂baby on the way ..😂😂or at least that's what your daughter is saying ❤️' and another follower posted this: 'This looks like a death row records album pic😂 @safaree.'


Safaree had made his fans happy when he shared a family photo with his two girls. Check out the photo.

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