Safaree Hits The Gym: 'Don't Let That Corona Stop You From Getting That Sexy Body'

Safaree Hits The Gym: 'Don't Let That Corona Stop You From Getting That Sexy Body'
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Safaree keeps his fans updated on his daily activities during this social distancing times in which we're all living. Despite the fact that he did not seem to be too affected by the new global crisis, he still believes that the government is involved somehow in this.

His wife, Erica Mena also believes that there are more dramatic things happening all over the world these days.

Anyway, Safaree thought to hit the gym these days - here's the video that he shared on his social media account.

'Don’t let corona stop you from getting that Sexy body!!!... 🎞 Song : Sexy body off my album STRAIITTTT,' Safaree captioned his post on social media.

Someone said: 'Not in the middle of my damn house lol Érica is going to hurt you!!!! Lol'

A follower posted this: 'Lol....well actually the gym is downstairs in his man cave...where he also has his own personal barber shop...nd movie rm too....Safaree gotta really nice setup down there.'

One other fan gushed over Safaree and said: 'You are a hot mess love you and your wife be happy don't worry😘' and another follower posted this: 'He look like he mad he gotta stay in the house🤦🏽‍♀️'

A commenter said: 'Motivation is the this the way to do it by staying in @safaree 💯'

Speaking of Safaree's wife, she recently shared a supportive message for her hubby. A lot of haters hopped in the comments to criticize Safaree’s music and Erica’s support.

But diehard fans love the fact that she is so supportive of Safaree, and she always promotes his work.

Regarding the whole coronavirus pandemic, looking at what’s been happening all over the world, there’s definitely an enormous problem that is currently hitting every nation, and it’s not something to ignore.

People should respect the social distancing guidelines at the moment.

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