Safaree Could Not Be Prouder Of His Baby Girl - Check Out Safire Riding Her Wheelies

Safaree Could Not Be Prouder Of His Baby Girl - Check Out Safire Riding Her Wheelies
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Safaree is really proud of his baby girl, Safire Majesty. He got her her own wheelies and now the two of them are riding side by side!

Check out the funny photo that he shared on his social media account below.

'You riding or hiding?!?!!? Make room on the road when you see this 1 year old 12 ‘ 0 clock coming at you 😤😤 @safiremajesty thanks uncle @majorleegue for maje’s raptor 700!' Safaree captioned his post.

Someone said: 'She is to brave! You better not have her popping wheelies by the time she’s 5 lol,' and ont other follower posted this message: 'You need to go on ahead and just have a little boy now.'

A commenter said: 'Maybe you should go for the son @safaree 😂 so precious ❤️😍' and one other follower said: 'Goals cuz I want a daughter 💯🖤'

Someone said: 'Next she will be in fast & furious, you really need a son. Poor child. lol' and someone else said: 'Now this is just too cute!! She’s really holding on with both hands like she’s done this before.'

A follower posted this: '1-year-old driving that machine with no HELMET for safety? It doesn’t look safe' and someone else said: 'Stupid and a waste of money. she can’t ride it no time soon. I wish you ppl would find betters ways to spend money.'

A commenter said: 'Who said you can’t do manly things with a girl I loved this be great full for who god has blessed you with. Enjoy her just let me know when she is on the road lol that I can stay off of it. Daddy of the year@safaree.'

In other news,  Safaree  shared a video on his social media account, revealing the facial expression of his daughter, Safire Majesty. Check out the clip he shared on social media.


‘I don’t know where she got this new facial expression from, but I love it 🤣🤣🤣’ Safaree said.

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