Safaree Asks For Fans' Help - Check Out What He Needs

Safaree Asks For Fans' Help - Check Out What He Needs
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Safaree is definitely cooking something up these days, because he's asking fans for help. On his IG account, he's telling his followers what exactly he needs, and he's asking for advice.

Check out the post he recently shared on social media below.

'I'M LOOKING FOR BIG CHANDLERS... where’s a good place or who has em!?? I NEED HUGEE!!!!!!!' Safaree captioned his post.

Someone told him, 'You better save your money because this covic19 ain't going to be over no time soon for you so be making any money.'

Another follower posted this message: 'There’s a big chandelier place in Brooklyn right before u get to king’s Plaza, mall. I forget the name, but u can’t miss it, it been there over 40yrs or more, they cater to the Italians and Orthodox Jews, that lives over there in mill basin, sheepshead bay in their big expensive homes, but the prices are very reasonable. I passed by there yesterday when taking my dog to get groomed. U can google chandelier stores in Brooklyn, near kings plaza mall. I hope this helps, I will try and find the name myself and send it to you.'

Someone else said: 'You gotta go to the Bowery & Houston in the city the spot is in that area.'

A fan posted: '@safaree masterpiece lighting has some great ones,' and more people continued with all kinds of suggestions.

Other than this, he had an exciting announcement that he made for his fans on social media:

'We got some big boy announcements coming soon! JULY 3rd!!! My boy @sosay.adonis moms @dremarender caught this for me 😂😂 thanks for the promo @sosobrat 💪🏾🔥@dishnation 🍫' Safaree captioned his post.

Anyway, in other news, Safaree has been living his best life with Erica Mena  by his side.

His amazing wife keeps posting all kinds of racy pics and Safaree cannot stop gushing over his wife.

She recently  shared a photo  in which she’s wearing a tiny yellow top that barely covers her chest and a pair of shorts.

Safaree is definitely enjoying being teased by his lovely wife. These two are living their best life together with their daughter and Erica's son.

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