Erica Mena Shows Her Outfit For Teasing Safaree And Fans Are Drooling

Erica Mena Shows Her Outfit For Teasing Safaree And Fans Are Drooling
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Erica Mena posted a racy photo featuring her outfit for teasing Safaree, and fans cannot have enough of her. She's flaunting her curves for the camera, and people flooded her comments section with all kinds of praising words.

'I get dressed just to love up on my husband ☺️ @fashionnova FashionnovaPartner,' Erica captioned her post.

Safaree hopped in the comments and wrote: 'This what you be doing when im in the studio downstairs 🧐🧐🧐'

Someone said: '@safaree Scorpios Don't like to be controlled, Leave her alone😂😂 Lol ok but seriously,' and another commenter posted this message: '@safaree bet you ain’t downstairs no more!'

Another follower said: '@safaree after this pic, I bet you were running up those stairs,' and one fan commented: 'That’s how it should be. Kuddos, you look beautiful and sexy.'

Someone else wrote: 'Girl you are wearing "Husband" out... Lol. I don't know why I'm talking. I'm almost 20 years in and still do. @iamerica_mena.'

One other follower posted this message: 'I know you're happily married and so am I, but I like girls that like girls!! You're beautiful.'

Another follower said: '@safaree @iamerica_mena you two complement each other and it’s refreshing to see how much effort you put in your relationship. Congrats to you both.'

Someone else wrote: 'That’s how you keep them @iamerica_mena keep it spicy Latina 😍@iamerica_mena I just have to say... Mena!!! I’m so proud of the woman/mother/Wife you have become. You look so beautiful and happy❤️ please stay true to yourself. You are so beautiful inside and out.'

Other than this, Erica managed to break the Internet once again with a photo in which she is flaunting her beach body.

She’s wearing a white and pink swimsuit that looks bomb on her curvy body.

Fans have always appreciated the fact that Erica is not ashamed of her stretch marks and her post-pregnancy body.

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