Russell Crowe Walks Out Of Q&A Following Purported Offensive Introduction Regarding Roger Ailes

Russell Crowe Walks Out Of Q&A Following Purported Offensive Introduction Regarding Roger Ailes
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According to a report from Page Six, Russell Crowe supposedly walked out of an interview due to an unflattering introduction before he was scheduled to answer questions while at a Q&A session. In a new Showtime production, The Loudest Voice , the Gladiator alum plays Roger Ailes, the former CEO of Fox News.

Reportedly, the actor was supposed to participate in a panel discussion about the series while at the Build Studio, however, Russell became displeased with the producers after they introduced him while insulting Roger at the same time.

A source who spoke with the outlet described the comment as "harmless," but the actor "threw himself" into a temper tantrum after hearing it. The insider added that Russell started screaming at people until he "stormed out onto the street."

Apparently, some of his castmates, including Seth MacFarlane, Annabelle Wallis, Naomi Watts, and Sienna Miller, were on the stage before Russell was scheduled to arrive. Reportedly, the host, Ricky Camilleri, introduced Roger as a "sick person" who would bully people including politicians and journalists.

Roger resigned from his position at Fox News in July 2016 and died a year later after falling at his home. Reportedly, after Russell became upset, the host, Ricky, went downstairs to apologize to Russell and the actor was still incredibly upset. The source said Russell "completely unloaded" on him.

A representative on behalf of the American Gangster alum, however, claimed the reports thus far have been sensationalized and Russell did "not freak out." Russell's agent claims he simply decided not to do the interview after the host conducted an introduction which Russell found distasteful.

Moreover, Russell's agent claimed his client "graciously accepted" the host's words of regret. A representative for the panel said Crowe was not happy with the perceived bias presented by the panel. The rep defended the host and the studio, saying that their place of work is characterized by "comfort and respect."

Fans of Russell Crowe know that he has been involved in heated disputes before, including at a hotel in 2005, and even with the rapper, Azealia Banks.

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