Russell Crowe Returns To The Colosseum 22 Years After The Release Of The Gladiator

Russell Crowe Returns To The Colosseum 22 Years After The Release Of The Gladiator
Credit: Jamie McCarthy

Russell Crowe is one of the most renowned actors in Hollywood and around the world. The legendary superstar has had many iconic roles throughout his career including his depiction of famous scientist John Nash in A Beautiful Mind and his portrayal of the Prophet Noah in Noah. But as illustrious as his career is, he is most famously known for his role in the 2000s Gladiator. Crowe played the role of Maximus in the film which was directed by Ridley Scott. The film was a commercial and critical success going on to earn over $460 million dollars at the box office and even earning Russell an Academy Award for Best Actor.

The film had many locations but one of the primary locations that it was shot in was the Colosseum in Italy.

Now, 22 years after the initial release of the film, Crowe has returned to the colosseum with his family, as revealed in a tweet that shows a picture of Russell Crowe standing in front of the Colosseum with his children.

Russell hilariously captions the Tweet , "Taking the kids to see my old office" referring to the times that he shot the Gladiator at the location. Fans of the Gladiator were no doubt moved by the nostalgia of the picture, as the tweet so far has over 704.6k likes.

Russell Crowe's career continues with his most recent big-screen appearance being in Marvel's Thor: Love and Thunder where he played the character of Zeus in a hilarious fashion, but Maximus, it seems, will forever be the role that he will be most prominently associated with.

There are currently talks about a Gladiator sequel in the works, with director Ridley Scott returning to the franchise but whether or not Russel Crowe will return to the franchise in some way remains unknown. While it would be a dream come true for most fans, it is a highly unlikely event, considering SPOILER ALERT, Maximus's character dies at the end of the Gladiator movie.

It is highly unlikely that Crowe would return for a Gladiator sequel, but it is clear that the actor is having a great time sharing fond memories of the film with his family.




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