Dean McDermott Talks Plans For Baby No. 6 With Tori Spelling

Dean McDermott Talks Plans For Baby No. 6 With Tori Spelling
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Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott have a very big family but are they planning on making it even bigger? As fans know, the couple shares no less than 5 kids – is number 6 in the cards or are they done having babies?

During an interview with HollywoodLife, the man revealed if he and Tori are considering that idea.

‘We talked about having more. Tori would love to have another one. I enjoy the ones we already have. And so does Tori. Tori knows that having a sixth child would be too much. But she loves being pregnant. She feels great when she is pregnant. She looks adorable when she is pregnant. But I think we are done,’ Dean shared.

As it seems, five might just be the perfect number of kids for the two to share.

They could have another type of baby however – a project!

More precisely, a reality TV show documenting their busy lives as a big family.

Dean made it clear that he has nothing against having cameras all over their home, capturing their lives.

‘I’d do a reality show about my family again. I would not go down the True Tori route again. That was too much for everyone. But Home Sweet Hollywood, that was quite a lot of fun. And yeah, we have talked about doing a show together. And you are going to have to wait and see though.'

He was also asked about Tori’s strained relationship with her mother, Candy Spelling which Dean says has actually been going well lately.

‘Yeah, we’re close. We do our Sunday dinners when she is in town, because she is busy. She is back and forth in New York. But yeah, we hang out, and things are great,’ he claimed.

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