Rozonda 'Chilli' Thomas Is Bashed For Saying This After Young TLC Fan Posted These Photos

Rozonda 'Chilli' Thomas Is Bashed For Saying This After Young TLC Fan Posted These Photos
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TLC singer Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas has landed in hot water after she decided to answer a young fan who shared a few pictures and compared herself to her.

The girl, who goes by the Twitter handle Hooperz3, posted a photo montage of Chilli and of herself and used this caption: “I get I look like Chilli a lot what y’all think?”

Chilli decided to answer her doppelgänger in a not very lovely way saying: “Long/straight wavy hair n similar skin tone doesn’t mean u look like someone.”

The 48-year-old artist went on to give a little compliment: “Ur a doll but we don’t look alike.”

After getting bashed, Chilli tried to explain herself by adding: “She doesn’t look like me. she’s beautiful and a perfect combination of her parents.”

However, fans and foes kept dragging her.

One person said: “Lmfaooooo her response WASN’T RUDE, she even complimented her, all she said was the same hair doesn’t make you look like someone & that’s true.”

Another person had this reaction: “Ok she’s not her twin, but she was excited about the comparison. She’s a lil girl and reflection is everything. Chili could have been like “yes, baby, we are Kin for sure.” It takes nothing to validate this lil girl. I love chili, and she was right; they don’t look alike, but sometimes things should be kept to yourself. Never know what kind of confidence that gave that girl.”

A third person stated: "Yall can’t get mad cause she said she don’t look like that girl. She didn’t bash her, and she was honest. On the real, she doesn’t even look like her. Jermaine Dupre, daughter, favors her!
I wish she wouldn’t have responded to the tweet, though, that was unnecessary to me."

A fourth comment read: “Chili should be privilege she was blessed the way she looks” Y’all think every brown skin hair with straight long wavy hair is chili. Again, Y’all showing all of you obsession with European features on black girls lol smh nothing new here!"

This fifth social media user wrote: "Honesty is cool, but she didn’t have to respond. I see if it was an adult, you handle children differently. It was what she said that was extra."

Chilli got a raw deal here.

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