Kelly Ripa Advised Brian Austin Green Not To Date Teenage Megan Fox When Couple Met On Hope & Faith

Kelly Ripa Advised Brian Austin Green Not To Date Teenage Megan Fox When Couple Met On Hope & Faith
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Kelly Ripa advised Brian Austin Green not to date a teenage Megan Fox when the couple first met on the set of Hope & Faith .

The talk show host starred on the ABC show, alongside a 17-year-old of Fox when Green guest-starred as himself, in the second season. Fox played the niece of Ripa's character on the sitcom.

Green made an appearance on Live With Ryan and Kelly Friday to dish the season finale of BH90210 . However, before the talk turned to Beverly Hills 90210 reboot, Ripa couldn't help but take a trip down memory lane with the actor.

It turns out Green and Fox locked eyes at the first table read for Hope & Faith. Ripa and her costar, Ted McGinley who played Fox's father on the show, quickly noticed the strong attraction.

They both rushed to advise Green not to date the teenage actress. She was, after all, considered to be a minor, and he was a 30-year-old man.

"It was Kelly and Ted McGinley, who, at the table read, was like, 'She's 17. So nobody touch her. So I was like, 'All right. Fair enough.' I had no intention at that point of dating," Green recalled to Ripa and co-host Ryan Seacrest.

Fox was not in the episode Green was in, but she still showed up on set to see him. It became clear to the All My Children alum that the young actress had a massive crush on the 90's heartthrob.

"Meanwhile, she had a calendar with a big circle on her birthday, like, 'This is the day I turn 18. I could tell she was so into you. Listen, she has eyes. We all have eyes. We're all into you. But she was so obviously smitten," the talk show host reminisced.

Green and his wife have made it crystal clear throughout their relationship they did not get involved until Fox was 18. After three kids and over fifteen years together, there was clearly more than just a physical attraction between the couple back in the day.

Kelly Ripa may have warned Brian Austin Green against dating a teenage Megan Fox years ago, but she is oh so glad he didn't listen to her.

"Long story short, I'm glad you didn't listen to me," she said as their trip down memory lane came to an end.


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