Rose Leslie Clarifies Kit Harington's Claims He Ruined Game Of Thrones For Her

Rose Leslie Clarifies Kit Harington's Claims He Ruined Game Of Thrones For Her
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Rose Leslie is opening up about how her husband, Kit Harington , allegedly spoiled the ending of Game of Thrones . Harington recently revealed that he told Leslie how the series ends, which resulted in her not talking to him for days on end. As it turns out, the story is only partially true.

Harington left out a key point in the story: he revealed what happened at the end of Season 7, not the series finale. In fact, Leslie revealed that she does not know how the show will end this April – though she was still angry when he spoiled the Season 7 ending.

“I genuinely don’t know the ending [of the show],” the former GOT star stated. “He told me the ending of last season and I remember getting a bit uppity about that…”

According to Entertainment Weekly , Leslie revealed that Harington told her about how one of the dragons dies at the end of Season 7 and is subsequently brought back to life by the Night King. While she was angry with Harington spoiling the ending, she admitted that she was the one who asked about it.

When it comes to the series finale, however, Leslie did not want to know anything. Instead, the actress wants to be just as surprised as fans when the series wraps up this spring. This is why she has abstained from asking her husband about what happens next season, though that could change as we get closer to the premiere.

Harington and Leslie tied the knot last summer. Leslie played Harington’s love interest on the show until her character was killed off in Season 4. Although she shared plenty of intimate moments with Harington on screen, she reportedly refuses to say her character’s iconic phrase, “You know nothing, Jon Snow,” in real life.

Kit Harington has not responded to Rose Leslie’s latest comments. Given the secrecy surrounding the final season, he probably won’t say much until we get closer to the premiere.

The final season of Game of Thrones is scheduled to premiere April 14 on HBO.


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